The world as we have created is a result of a process of our thinking. We cannot change this world without changing our thinking.

About us

The ConActive team consists of a diversity of specialists and experts who have earned their stripes in the corporate business. The worlds of (online) Commerce, Marketing, Digitalization, Business IT, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Data Sience and Business Processes come together here. Diversity has been consciously brought together to make a difference in the rapidly changing world of entrepreneurship. The time in which business models had a long-term multi-year existence is now far behind us. The companies that are ahead of the future will make optimum use of the ecosystem of partners and business networks to provide direction and maneuver in a constantly changing world. ConActive connects, facilitates and executes together with the experts within the partner ecosystem.


'Unleash the capabilities, grow your business'

Our ambition

Our ambition is to translate the growth potential of visionary organizations into concrete plans and to realize them, from the perspective of sustainable business operations. We do this by, after a 360° view, indicating solutions for current business challenges. With our ConActive platform we facilitate the first virtual Professional Services company that connects knowledge and unites forces within a network of experts. ConActive guarantees the effective design and implementation of your business plans. With our network we create the optimal team for solving the relevant issue at the right time and the right place. Higher profit opportunities and better growth opportunities can contribute to more (sustainable) jobs that offer opportunities for both highly and lower educated people. In this way we contribute to the return of the company and a healthy economic climate.


Drs. Nico Kuijper

Drs. Nico Kuijper

Prof. Dr. Ton Kuijlen

Prof. Dr. Ton Kuijlen

Dhr. Martijn Borgers

Dhr. Martijn Borgers

Dhr. Mark Kruisselbrink

Dhr. Mark Kruisselbrink

Alys Kinderman

Alys Kinderman

Ellen Kinderman

Ellen Kinderman

Jetse de Vries

Jetse de Vries

Kees van der Veen

Kees van der Veen

Experienced entrepreneurs, highly trained specialists and experts who earned their spurs in the corporate business. The worlds of, among others, Sales, (online and offline) Commerce, Marketing, Digitalization, Business IT, Finance, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Data Science and Business Processes come together here.

The diversity of the ConActive team is needed to make a difference in the rapidly changing world of business. The time in which business models had a reasonably stable and long-term existence is now behind us. Organizations that have a (sustainable) lead, want to keep or want to take, will be able to make optimal use of the combined power of the ConActive Team.

Our approach

Realizing the future, that is the ambition of ConActive. Every day we are busy with the future ... a future where perspective and sustainability are central. How do we do that? Collaborate and execute with ambitious open minded partners.

"Multidisciplinary collaboration": connecting companies, for both start-ups and existing organizations, where ConActive ensures realization and implementation of the initiatives. After all, the world of business is constantly subject to change based on developments within trends, (geo) politics, competition, technology and innovation.

We do this by connecting capital and expertise and by taking control realizing the implementation. With this innovative approach we built new organizations and make existing organizations stronger. The network of driven, initiative-oriented ConActers focuses on combining strength, empowerment of knowledge and decisive action, aimed at a sustainable future.

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Making the difference

We have to do something with those (digital) developments, many organizations say. But that makes technology the goal, not the means. The core of successful entrepreneurship is speed, being able to change, experimenting, failing and learning.

(From: Oil tankers and Speedboats from Menno Lanting)

In this book a comparison is made between companies that move like an oil tanker and companies that move forward like a speedboat! Oil tankers need a lot of effort and time to change direction. This is what Lanting calls the companies that use established ways of working and where new initiatives are being opposed.

He calls speedboats companies that can change quickly and are not afraid to take a new course. Together with you, ConActive wants to step into the speedboat in order to set a course for sustainable change (innovation), so that your company is ready for future generations.

Meet the Future, Meet ConActive

Our services


We are a portal to investors. This enables us to fill in the financial (boundary) conditions if the situation so requires.


By participating and investing in companies, ConActive takes responsibility for the further development of organizations. We add value through know-how, networks and capital. Together we determine and implement a healthy strategy and execute.

Start- and

We initiate and facilitate starting and growing businesses. We work together with various organizations, universities, innovation campuses and entrepreneurial experts.


Many family businesses struggle with the question about succession !? Potential family successors no longer always choose to continue the family business. ConActive offers opportunities to jointly find a solution that is acceptable to everyone, thereby guaranteeing the continued existence of the company (sustainably).


From our innovation perspective, we help you find (smart) opportunities for how your company can cope with recent and future developments and the transition in the digital field. Together we determine which course we can sail the best.


If your situation requires it, we can also provide interim expertise. Think of operational management in the areas of Sales, (online and offline) Commerce, Marketing, Digitalization, Business IT, Finance, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Data Science and Business Processes.


ConActive = A chain of power

Do you believe excellent wine can only come from high temperature countries? Do you believe Coca Cola and Pepsi will still be the number 1 soda brands within the next 5 years?

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Strategy, Vision & Values


Through capital, knowledge, network, decisiveness and experience, we help start up new companies and make existing companies with growth potential more successful. Our starting point is sustainable business practice by applying possible innovations, creating awareness of changes within the market and developing and utilizing the existing intrinsic basis.


Many startups, growing businesses and family businesses (sometimes with years of past) lack capital, knowledge and / or the network to ensure healthy growth or further development of the business. Companies are looking for the five-legged sheep. In the real world expertise and capabilities are spread across several people. For a large part, organizations do not anticipate on global developments and continue to write vacancies where competence and knowledge is combined in one person. However, the diversity of knowledge needed to deal effectively with continuous change simply cannot be bundled in one person.

ConActive offers one face with a complete network of expertise behind it. Based on analysis we determine actions and approach our carefully selected experts (ConActers) to give substance to these issues. We offer an alternative to hiring mostly expensive individual expertise. By constructively bundling expertise from different perspectives and combining this with any necessary financing options, we translate growth potential into results.


The foundations of ConActive are built on intrinsic values and the chain of force. We believe in competence and passion. Knowledge must be available at the right place and at the right time within the context of the issues. The sharing of knowledge and ability, good social interaction, clear communication, empathy and expertise are in this regard conditionally. Efficiency and sound profit are a logical consequence, not a goal in itself.

ConActive Business Model©

S1 ConActive Participaties

Afspraken omtrent participaties, vergoeding, menskracht, doel, middelen en planning.

S2 ConActive Delivery

Inzet Expertise, mensdagen, funding, interim management t.a.v. delivery.

S3 ConActive Co-Creatie i.s.m. organisatie

Implementatie en regie van geprioriteerd en gebudgeteerd plan van aanpak.

S4 ConActive Data Science & Analytics

Knelpunt analyse uit 360º data view. Bepalen acties.

S5 ConActive View©

Creëren van de 360© view op basis van interne organisatie en externe omgeving d.m.v industry context map, stakeholder mapping, DESTEP analyses, Scenarioplanning, business canvas model, (en meer/andere relevante activiteiten).


The healthcare industry is characterized by inefficiency, high healthcare costs and a move towards personal care (value-based care). In consultation with politicians, care institutions and relevant partners, ConActive takes the lead in developing initiatives that enable patients to take more control in medical care processes and treatment plans. As a result, personal quality of care increases and healthcare costs are balanced particular through efficiency.

The Automotive world is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the arrival of electric- and autonomous vehicles and the trends in customer behavior. With a footprint in the Automotive world, ConActive works on the transportation needs of tomorrow. Car sharing concepts, Mobility As A Service, Online Sales and the realization of new automotive services that we develop with collaborating parties are a few of the initiatives to meet future transport needs.

For many, a conscious and healthy lifestyle has now become part of the standard of living. Conscious product choices based on sustainable cultivation and production are becoming the standard. ConActive is part of a collective that takes care of the distribution of healthier drinks. In addition, we focus on the possibilities of reducing the CO2 footprint for import wines by working together with entrepreneurs who produce locally (The Netherlands) and sustainable quality wines. Because the cultivation with current technology takes place under optimal conditions, breakthrough results are achieved in terms of harvest yields and quality. We thereby also create new employment opportunities and anticipate on the global need for more sustainable products.

ConActive is proud partner of

Stichting Opkikker

Chain of power...

uniting forces leads to multiplying results. Both ConActive and the 'Opkikker' Foundation have the philosophy and conviction that this philosophy in the year 2020 is the fuel for successful business and development for now and in the future. Based on this joint conviction, both parties have found each other and committed to a cooperation and partnership. A unique collaboration that both parties are proud of!

The 'Opkikker' foundation organizes special energizing days for families with a seriously ill child. They do this today, tomorrow and next year. For as many families as possible and without losing personal attention. They have been doing this now for 23 years in a row and for thousands of families, every year again. A wonderful goal with which we feel enormously connected. Helping people gives energy, who gives who shares and who shares who multiplies. From now on we support the 'Opkikker' foundation so that they can continue to make a difference in the lives that need it.

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